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Location: Manchester

Founded: 1984

Notable Projects

Jamchester 2016 (Sponsor)

Manchester Girl Geeks (Sponsor)

Manchester Animation Festival 2016 (Sponsor)

North West Playtesters (Sponsor)

SSR began as a recording studio in 1980 and played host to The Stone Roses, Simply Red, Happy Mondays, 808 State and New Order. In 1984 it became the UK’s first audio engineering and music production school and spent the next two decades producing a wealth of talent.

Fast-forward three decades and SSR has now expanded its facilities to provide industry and degree-level studies in 3D film production and games development, all while maintaining the strong industry focus and student-centred approach that made its name.

SSR currently provides industry courses in game development, games art, design and production and started an FdSc / BSc in Games Development in 2016. Additionally SSR is the official academic partner for Jamchester 2016, Manchester Girl Geeks and Manchester International Animation Festival.

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